Course curriculum

    1. Chocolate Science Overview

    1. A Brief History of Chocolate

    1. Cocoa

    2. Fat Science - Lipids

    3. Cocoa Butter

    4. Cocoa vs. Cacao: Huh?

    5. Chocolate Liquor: am I going to get drunk?

    6. White Sugar - specifically, sucrose. Where does it come from?

    7. Lecithin - what it is and what it's doing in your food

    8. Natural Flavors, Artificial Flavors, Natural and Artificial Flavors: what's the difference, and why are they labeled the way they are?

    1. Fermentation Basics - it's not just for Beer!

    2. Cacao Bean Fermentation

    3. Conching

    4. Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Semi-Sweet, White...What's Going On Here?!

    5. Chocolate: Putting It All Together

    1. Chocolate Melting Temperature Experiment

    2. Making Chocolate Bars at Home using Cacao Nibs

    3. Making Chocolate Bars at Home Using Cocoa

    4. Hot Fudge Ice Cream Topping

    5. BONUS: Bloopers!

    6. Just a few questions to let me know what you think about this course!

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